What is TEDxKIITUniversity 2022? 

TEDxKIITUniversity is an independently organized TEDx event hosted by the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT). It is a fast-paced curated program featuring talks and performances in the spirit of TEDx. It is aimed at providing a first-hand TED experience to its attendees. It offers a platform to integrate new people into the community which helps them to bridge the gap between ideas and actions. The TEDx community bestows us with the opportunity to navigate through ideas having a probability of bringing about unparalleled transitions which will ultimately work for the amelioration of society. We aspire to be the platform where stimulating thoughts engage with bright minds propelling a fresh outlook on issues. This year, we aim to bring together such intellectuals who have the capability to seek their finesse and work for uplifting mankind in every aspect of their lives.

What can attendees look
forward to from the event? 

Attendees can look forward to engaging in an experience that will stay with them forever sparking conversations, invoking deep ideas, and propelling actions. By being acquainted with meaningful stories from the community, one is made aware of the possible ideas that can help us conceive monumental metamorphosis in society. So, you will be inspired, amazed, uplifted, and likewise boosted to achieve your own breakthrough.  Register yourself to be a part of an event where aspirations will meet the influx of ideas. On successful completion of questionnaire, the top 100 attendees will be selected for the conference. So, buckle up as TEDx arrives in KIIT bringing plethora of experiences!



Student Activity Centre

Campus 13

KIIT (Deemed to be University)

Bhubaneswar, Odisha - 751024