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The immense power of an idea can act as a catalyst for change in the world by sowing the seed of influence. These views encourage us to be bold and challenge conventional wisdom by contesting the notions of finite knowledge. The firm beliefs resemble the woven webs of fragile but rejuvenating dreams. The time has come for us to pursue our goals without fear, work together, and focus our minds towards unleashing a creative and imaginative surge that will help reshape the world for the greater good. To accomplish this goal, we must come together as individuals to learn more about inspirational stories and revolutionary ideas facilitated by a common platform inspired by TED. TEDxKIITUniversity is a local community that welcomes people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world, regardless of their profession or cultural background. We are dedicated to bridging the conceptual and practical divisions by igniting dialogue and empowering one another. We adhere to the same principles as TED, expanding to include technology, entertainment, and design. We firmly believe in the capacity of ideas to transform perspectives, ways of life, and consequently the destiny of the world, in accordance with TED’s motto of ‘great ideas accessible’.

Having established a beautiful legacy with the past six successful editions, we are pacing forth with our resolution, consistency, and enthusiasm as the driving force. This year, for our seventh edition, we have come up with the theme, ‘Anthesis: Awaken your ambition’. Through this motif, we seek to emphasise the moments that can change an individual and initiate the blossoming phase, just as an insignificant bud nurtures to grow into a beautiful flower, resonating with how the smallest of ideas can initiate the birth of positive change and growth in this world. Dreams and ambitions power us and drive us to work hard, pushing us towards inevitable success. When persistence, determination, and careful nurturing meet ambition, an individual undergoes anthesis, blossoming into the world and leaving a lasting impression as someone who can believe, achieve, and inspire.


Anthesis: Awakening your Ambition

Have you ever seen a little child: walking those first steps, stuttering that first word, or learning to play and run as they grow? Isn’t that a beautiful journey an individual undertakes from being a meagre, tiny embryo, sheltered and nurtured inside their mother’s womb, through birth and life? Life-changing moments never cease to enthrall us, just as how alluring it is when a bud blossoms into a flower. Anthesis, the miracle of a single flower as it blooms against all odds, embracing fulfillment and beauty, signifies the decree of nature, renewal, evolution, and optimism. Much like a plant that can thrive in even the harshest situations, a person can find courage and resilience amid countless adversities and emerge stronger and brighter, embodying hope. A celebration of the potential for growth and the magnificence that results from the struggle, through anthesis, we may be the change that can inspire others to share their stories and ideas with the world. It serves as a reminder that change and progress are possible, and with the right attitude and perseverance, one can achieve the impossible. Anthesis: Awaken your Ambition is a reminder of how anthesis and ambition are both processes that involve growth and transformation. Without persistence, commitment, and the ability to overcome inevitable obstacles, one can, regrettably, fall short of their full potential and shall remind of the flower that fails to attain efflorescence.

Just as seeds need careful nurturing to pave the way to new beginnings, ambition also needs tender care to allow for the manifestation of achievements from the bud of dreams and desire. At TEDxKIITUniversity, we nurture and celebrate inspiration that can be the catalyst for change in the world we live in. Through their journeys of anthesis, our speakers have managed to connect with innumerable individuals, leaving us with inspiring and enduring insights only through their utter tenacity and presence of mind, balancing numerous elements of life, despite the harsh elements of nature. They allow themselves to develop and thrive while defying the odds thrown their way. Anthesis is the development and change, blossoming, the signifier of growth, the little spark that can ignite the fire of optimism and hope we seek. Through this platform, we want to kindle the fire and help people find the motivation to discover their moment of anthesis, awaken and achieve their dreams while leaving an imprint in the sand of life that inspires.


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Prof (Dr) Ravindra Kumar Sinha

Genre: Wildlife

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Venugopal Yadav

Genre: Sand Artist

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Lipsa Hembram

Genre: Fashion

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Aparna Kumar

Genre: Mountaineering

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Mohammad Shams Aalam Shaikh

Genre: Sports

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Commodore Vijaypal Singh Rawat

Genre: Defence

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Sangeeta Kapoor

Genre: magician

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Srikanth Mannepuri

Genre: Wildlife Photography

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Vishal Prasad Gupta

Genre: Environment/Renewable Energy











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